Episode 208: How Should We Care for Our Aging Loved Ones? (Part 1): Dr. Bill Davis

How do you honor your aging loved ones' desires when they need care and still keep them safe? How do you balance caring for your aging parents, caring for your spouse and children, and holding down a full-time job? What does honoring your parents look like as you grow older? 

Dr. Bill Davis joins Jonathan on Candid today to answer these pressing questions. Dr. Davis has been at the forefront of exploring the delicate balance between respecting an individual's autonomy and ensuring that the values and beliefs of our aging loved ones are cherished and God is honored in their most vulnerable moments. 

Dr. Davis has spent over two decades on hospital ethics committees, confronting the profound challenges of end-of-life care decisions. He brings a wealth of knowledge, compassion, and Biblical insight to the topic, and he captured this wisdom in his book, "Departing in Peace: Biblical Decision Making at the End of Life."

So, whether you are currently caring for aging parents or preparing for the future, this insightful two-part episode promises to provide valuable insight into questions Christians commonly asked about elder care. 

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