Episode 210: Discipleship: Reclaiming What’s Missing in the Western Church: Thomas Tarrants

A topic that comes up almost weekly in our Candid planning meetings is Biblical discipleship – the importance of being discipled in Christ by mature believers and the importance of discipling others as you mature in the faith. 

Today’s conversation on growing in the Christian faith is with Thomas Tarrants – a guest we couldn’t wait to have back on the podcast. He is an author and the President Emeritus of the C.S. Lewis Institute. Tom holds a Masters of Divinity Degree and a Doctor of Ministry Degree in Christian Spirituality. He is also the author of Consumed by Hate, Redeemed by Love: How a Violent Klansman Became a Champion of Racial Reconciliation - the topic of our last Candid conversation with Thomas. Thomas has so much Biblically informed, life-tested wisdom to share. 

Join Jonathan and Thomas to get back to some fundamental basics of the Christian faith. Together, we will be reminded of the importance of being part of the body of Christ who is prayerfully preparing to stand firm in Christ in the coming days.

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