Episode 226: A Fun Way to Cultivate Love for Christ with Your Children: Zack Carden

As a Christian parent, you undoubtedly yearn to guide your children in nurturing their love for Christ. But the question remains: How can you enjoyably accomplish this meaningful task? If you want to connect your children with the love of Christ, you won't want to miss this episode.

Today, Jonathan is delighted to welcome back Zack Carden to Candid Conversations. Jonathan and Zack share a deep bond, with both serving for many years on staff at The Church of The Apostles. Zack now holds the role of senior pastor at Marietta Community Church.

In this enlightening Candid Conversation, Zack introduces us to The Adventures of Greybobby, a lovable cartoon character who doubles as a podcast host on a mission to equip parents with rich yet accessible and entertaining Biblical resources for the spiritual development of their children.

Join Jonathan in unraveling the backstory of Greybobby and discover more about this captivating character who plays a pivotal role in devotional content and engaging videos, all designed to effectively convey the message of Christ's love to the little ones in your life.

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