Episode 151: Free to Live for Something Greater: Jonathan Youssef

Red, white, and blue. The American Dream. Pulling yourself up by your bootstraps, coming from nothing, working hard, and making something of yourself.

The American Dream is beautiful. However, is there an even greater gift than American freedom? 

Today, Jonathan shares a reflection on the greater gift for believers and what it means for Christians to be "doubly free." We are free by nature of our political system, but we are also free because of the redeeming work of Christ in our lives. 

In this special July 4th reflection, Jonathan looks at Galatians 5:1, which says, "It is for freedom that Christ has set us free." More than political freedom, we are free from the penalty of sin and the weight of death in our lives. Join Jonathan as he explores this passage in Scripture and provides helpful background for Paul's warning to the Galatians—a warning that we can apply to our own lives today.

We hope wherever you are on July 4th, that the greatest freedom ever offered would be yours in Christ Jesus.

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