Episode 154: Father, Forgive Them: One Woman's Journey to Freedom

She was wrongly accused, betrayed by her family, wounded by deep loss, and left with no choice but to leave her entire life behind. Still, she forgave... and the Lord brought incredible redemption out of the most painful season of her life.

Today's guest had every reason in the world not to forgive or forget the profound abuse she endured. However, she has learned the important truth that forgiveness and freedom are deeply intertwined.  

Join Jonathan Youssef as he welcomes a special guest who, in order to protect her identity, will remain anonymous. She shares her incredible testimony of freedom from a life of abuse and oppression in a third world country to freedom in America. Through Christ, she found forgiveness for herself and others and discovered God’s path forward for her life.

You don't want to miss this incredible story of the Lord's pursuit of and saving power for His beloved children—available to every believer in Christ!

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