Episode 167: What is Progressive Christianity? Alisa Childers (Restream)

Progressive Christianity. Deconstruction. We are hearing these terms more regularly as some Christian leaders walk away from Biblical orthodoxy. What is the impact of redefining the Christian faith?

In today’s episode of Candid Conversations, Jonathan Youssef welcomes Alisa Childers whose book, Another Gospel, is a helpful guide to unpacking and understanding Progressive Christianity.  

Alisa is the author of her widely read apologetics blog, AlisaChilders.com. She is also the host of The Alisa Childers Podcast. You may also remember her as part of the Christian band, Zoe Girl.  

Join Jonathan on a journey with Alisa from a childhood faith in Christ to a deconstruction of that faith and finally a re-construction of a solid Biblical faith in Christ. This conversation is eye-opening, educational, and encouraging to those searching for solid answers about the Christian faith. 

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