Episode 49: Bree Tuttle: What I Wish I Had Known Before My Abortion (Reprise)

Some celebrities are celebrating abortion as a stepping stone to a better life for women. Today's Candid Conversations guest has a very different perspective to share. 

At just 20 years old, Bree Tuttle had an abortion and suffered through physical, spiritual, mental, and emotional scarring. Bree joins Jonathan Youssef today to share the truth she wishes she'd known before her abortion.  

Bree is a trained crisis pregnancy counselor and an outspoken and passionate advocate for women facing unplanned pregnancies. 

Facing an Unplanned Pregnancy?  Call the National Crisis Pregnancy Helpline at 800-712-HELP to talk to someone today.

Are you looking for help moving past the pain of a past abortion? The following post-abortion Bible studies and recovery resources may be helpful to you.

Surrendering the Secret

Abortion Changes You

Save One 

Hope After Abortion

Healing After Abortion

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