Episode 58: Monica Cline: What Planned Parenthood Taught Me

Join Jonathan for an eye-opening two-part conversation with Monica Cline. For over a decade, Monica worked in HIV prevention education, comprehensive sex education as a Title X family planning Training Manager, and as a volunteer educator for Planned Parenthood.

During this time, she came to learn that serving the marginalized meant meeting them where they are and then leaving them there. A combination of that philosophy, her experience in the community, and her own personal testimony prompted her to question comprehensive sex education and Planned Parenthood crisis pregnancy counseling. Her questions and concerns were not welcomed by her superiors and she was told she was not welcome if she was not in agreement with their approach.

In part 1, Monica boldly exposes what she learned in her training at Planned Parenthood. She also shares the truth behind comprehensive sex education and the harm it causes our children, families, and communities. Her goal is to encourage parents to “reclaim Parenthood” and become their children’s greatest advocates and educators. 

Listen to the second part of this Candid Conversation.

To learn more about Monica Cline, visit her website: https://www.monicacline.com

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