Episode 68: Seth Rice: Come and Lift Your Head

David in Psalm 24 asks the question "Who is the King of Glory?" The response is, “The Lord  strong and mighty...lift up your heads.” Our Lord is strong and powerful.  

Today, Seth Rice joins Jonathan Youssef for a Candid Conversation that takes a deep look into Psalm 24. It is the inspiration behind the new Apostles' worship song "Come and Lift Your Head Up" - included on the newest Apostles Worship, music written for the church.

Seth Rice is a singer/song-writer, producer, live studio guitarist and session player. He's spent 10 years leading worship for various churches in the Atlanta area before joining the Apostles' Worship team this year.  

Come and be encouraged to lift your head in worship to our strong and mighty Lord--no matter where you may be today.

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