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Applying the Word

Today's devotional reminds us that if we want to live the abundant life Jesus promises, we must apply the Truth of God’s Word to our lives. 

If you would like more insight into today’s devotional topic, listen to Dr. Michael Youssef’s sermon series Know Your BibleLISTEN NOW

The Bible is the most controversial book that has ever existed. Men have died for it. Empires have crumbled because of it. Families have been divided over it. But how do you know you can trust it? Leading The Way’s engaging visual ebook 4 Reasons You Can Trust the Bible shares 4 compelling evidences for the reliability of the Bible, featuring:

• Fast facts about its authorship, accuracy, and reliability
• A timeline following the formation of the Bible
• A chart of 38 Biblical prophecies fulfilled in detail
• A table comparing the religious texts of other major world religions and what sets the Bible apart

Learn why you can trust that the Bible is indeed God’s Word—and find renewed confidence and excitement to seek God in the Scriptures with this FREE digital resource—Dr. Michael Youssef’s gift to you.

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