Notes from our Inbox: August 2016
Aug 8, 2016

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Each month Leading The Way receives encouraging testimonies from all over the world. Just as they are a tremendous encouragement to our team, we hope that their words will be an inspiration to you and an answer to your prayers for Leading The Way.

“I want to follow Jesus. Please pray for me.”

Saudi Arabia

“With all my heart, I thank you for all your prayers and encouragement. Believe me, you are doing a good job reaching out to the lost and preaching the gospel to the whole world. Be glad, because great is your reward in heaven. I am grateful to you for responding to my email. It’s an honor and a privilege to know you.”


“I am a convert and a regular viewer of THE KINGDOM SAT programs. I would like to be baptized and to join a discipleship group.”


“Thank you for teaching me about Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross to forgive my sins. I want to follow Jesus. Please pray for me.”


“I am a great admirer of your channel. . . . Its teaching explains the Old and the New Testaments in a simple manner that enriches the mind and the spirit. . . . Your programs make a huge difference in my life. I feel I’m surrounded with true friends who are always with me. You speak to my heart, address the current issues in my life, and answer my questions.”

united kingdom

“Your programs helped me to further understand the Bible and to grow in faith.”