An ISIS Leader Just Came to Christ
Dec 21, 2016
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Muhammad* was a high-ranking ISIS leader. And after watching Leading The Way’s satellite TV channel, he had a plan.

He was going to kill a member of our follow-up team.

Muhammad called the number on the screen. “I need to meet with you,” he told Peter*, one of Leading  The Way’s follow-up team leaders.

Two Arab men - faces blurred

This former ISIS leader is now your brother in Christ.

For security purposes, Leading The Way is strategic about vetting callers before meeting with them in person. But follow-up team leader Peter discerned God’s voice urging him, “This time is different. Go and meet this man—and be bold with him.”

So Peter met with Muhammad and boldly proclaimed the Gospel to him. After they parted ways, God continued to speak to Muhammad, revealing Himself in a dream and bringing great conviction upon him.

Help us reach Muslims for Christ.

He shaved his beard—the symbol of his radical devotion to Islam. He decided to follow Christ. And he reached out to Peter once more, desperate to meet with him.

“Peter, I have a confession,” Muhammad said. “The first time I was going to meet you, I intended to kill you, and I am sorry.” He fell on his face and repented before the Lord.

This former ISIS leader is now your brother in Christ. His conversion happened just weeks ago, and by God’s mercy and grace, he has been baptized and is already serving Christ where he lives.

Only God can change an ISIS leader.

The Gospel of Jesus Christ “is the power of God that brings salvation to everyone who believes” (Romans 1:16). Thank you for helping us reach and disciple Muhammad, who has moved from darkness to light, from hatred to love—from death to life in Jesus Christ.

*Names changed for their protection.