Notes from Our Inbox: 2016 in Review
Dec 16, 2016
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In 2016, God uniquely positioned Leading The Way to daily proclaim the Gospel, disciple new believers, and help our brothers and sisters in Christ suffering persecution. Through these three areas of ministry, God’s Kingdom is advancing both here at home and in the hard-to-reach places of the world.

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"Every word I heard on this device ministered to my circumstances."

United states:

"I grew up in church but didn’t know what I believed in. I started listening to your program a few months ago, and your commitment to preaching the Gospel has challenged me in my daily spiritual walk."


"Thank you for explaining the Trinity to me. I had never understood this doctrine before. . . . But now I know the Truth."

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"I called the follow-up team and asked for a Bible. A brother from your team taught me everything I wanted to know and answered my questions. With his help, I accepted Jesus as my Lord."

"I left home after my family beat me for believing in Christ. But through Leading The Way, someone has been by my side every step of the way."


"After my family learned that I had made a commitment to follow Christ, I was forbidden to leave home. Your solar-powered Navigator was the only light in my darkness. Every word I heard on this device ministered to my circumstances."

Through your partnership, the lost are becoming believers, believers are becoming disciples, and disciples are finding strength in difficult times—all to the glory of God.

Proclaim, Disciple, Help