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You’re a Muslim convert who has just come to Christ, but you must continue living in a Muslim society. Should you keep going to the mosque? Do you continue to confirm Muhammad as a prophet? Do you still call yourself a Muslim? These and many more are real issues Muslim converts are facing each day.

In the Middle East, being a Muslim is not just a part of your life—it is the very core of your identity. From birth, belonging to Islam is the foundation of your entire cultural, socioeconomic, and familial life. The word “Muslim” is even stamped at the top of your driver’s license. 

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Our teams are there—patiently discipling new converts as they discover how their lives must now radically change because of Jesus Christ.

If you come to Christ with such a deep-seated identity, what would need to change? In a world where one’s culture and religion are almost synonymous, what would it look like to follow Christ?

Some missionaries have counseled new believers from a Muslim background to remain within Islam and retain their Muslim identity. Such missionary efforts have become known as the Insider Movement. Proponents of the Insider Movement encourage new converts to:

  • Claim Jesus as Savior while affirming Muhammad as prophet and the Qur’an as a sacred text
  • Participate in prayer rituals at the mosque, praying instead to Jesus
  • See the God of the Qur’an as the same god as the God of the Bible
  • Use Islamic religious terms such as Isa (Jesus), Injil (New Testament), and Messianic Muslim (Christian)

By encouraging new converts to follow Christ in the context of their Islamic culture, proponents of the Insider Movement hope that new converts will be more effective witnesses for Christ in their communities. But is being a Muslim follower of Jesus really possible? 

At Leading The Way, our follow-up team members are from the Middle East, and most are former Muslims. They know what it means to come to Christ out of Islam—they’ve experienced it. They know what it means to follow Jesus within an Islamic culture—they’re living it. They are fully equipped to aid new believers who are coming to Christ through our broadcasts. And none of them are counseling new believers to remain within Islam.

Our follow-up teams know from personal experience: Islam remains utterly incompatible with a Biblical understanding. And those who seek to follow Christ without leaving Islam behind develop an identity partly found in the Truth, partly found in a lie. 

Although it’s important that we appropriately contextualize the Gospel, Jesus seeks to transform our entire identity so that we have no part in darkness. By God’s grace, our follow-up teams are boldly ministering on the frontlines—proclaiming the Gospel to people like Omari*, who face the challenge of leaving Islam behind for the sake of Christ:

“While searching for the Truth and comparing the Qur’an and the Bible, I found myself becoming strongly attracted to the Christian faith. I decided to learn more. Now, I am faced with a hard decision. I must choose between what I grew up believing in and being faithful to what I have discovered in the Word of God. I need to know more about Christ, so I have contacted your channel to ask for your help.”  – *Omari, Egypt 

There is always a cost to following Christ. As Jesus himself said, “Whoever does not carry their cross and follow me cannot be my disciple” (Luke 14:27). But thanks to your support of Leading The Way, our on-the-ground follow-up teams are supporting new believers as they count the cost. 

Our teams are there—patiently discipling new converts as they discover how their lives must now radically change because of Jesus Christ. They are not alone. And as they grow and mature in their faith, we will continue to walk alongside them—even as they learn to share in His sufferings. 

*Name changed to protect his identity.

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