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Across the Muslim world, from Morocco to Iraq, our team and those we reach are blessed and upheld by your prayers. We are often watched by the government and the police for what we do—making disciples of Jesus Christ. We know we only remain safe here through the prayers of partners like you. Our viewers also face many obstacles to following Christ. Will you join us in prayer for them? Thank you for your partnership. Revival is happening, and the fields are truly ripe for harvest!

In Christ,


Leading The Way's Director of Follow-Up

From the Frontlines

“We know we only remain safe here through the prayers of partners like you.”

Join us in prayer for listeners and viewers seeking Truth in the Muslim world.


Mahmud* lives in Saudi Arabia. He shared that he has rejected Islam because it justifies and encourages hatred, violence, and terror. He desires to know the real God and has been searching for the Truth.  Please pray that God will grant the follow-up team wisdom and discernment to as they seek to lead him to Christ.

PRAYER: "Lord Jesus, give the follow-up teams wisdom as they respond to Mahmud…"


Ahmad* saw Jesus in his dream and called our follow-up team asking for their help. Please pray that he will know the Truth and will accept Jesus as his Lord and Savior.

PRAYER: "Lord Jesus, reveal the Truth to Ahmad…"


Nasir* was martyred for his faith during the Al-Arish attacks and left behind his wife and four children. His oldest daughter is eleven years old and his youngest son is a year old. Please pray God comforts the hearts of his wife and children and provides for their needs.

PRAYER: "Lord, please comfort the families of martyrs like Nasir…"


Medina* was born and raised in a very conservative Muslim family. She came to know Christ through her sister, and now depends on our broadcasts to grow in her faith. Her friends and cousins have noticed the change in her life and have begun to persecute her. Please pray that she will stand firm in her faith and that God will grant her wisdom in how to deal with the persecution she is facing.

PRAYER: "Lord Jesus, use Leading The Way's broadcasts to strengthen people like Medina…"


Amin* is a new believer and has received personal follow-up from our team. He recently shared his faith with his family and neighbors and they have begun to persecute him. Please pray that he will stand firm in his faith and that God would protect him.

PRAYER: "Lord Jesus, give Amin courage as he stands for Your Truth…"

Thank you for your prayers! Through your support, God's Kingdom is advancing on the frontlines of ministry.

*All names have been changed for their protection.

Revival is happening in the Muslim world. Partner with us today.