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Terror Cannot Stop the Gospel
Oct 9, 2017
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In the Muslim World, Good Is Triumphing Over Evil

As the world trembles at the threat of the next terrorist attack, many are searching for answers in the face of evil—and Leading The Way is responding with the hope of Christ. God is using your partnership with Leading The Way to make a difference in the Muslim world at this critical time in history, a day full of unprecedented turmoil and yet unprecedented openness to the Gospel.

Muslim Woman

Above—Joshua Youssef baptizes a former Muslim who came to Christ. "My family disowned me, but Jesus is worth it," she said. "God has given me a new family."

Through your partnership, the Good News of Jesus Christ is melting barbarian hearts.

As we broadcast Biblical teaching 24/7 into more than a dozen closed countries, thousands are contacting us seeking Truth. And when they do, our field teams are there on the ground, committed to sharing the Gospel with those who respond.

Through your partnership, the Good News of Jesus Christ is melting barbarian hearts. Former terrorists are coming to Christ and building up the church they once sought to destroy. But these are not just isolated events. We are witnessing a movement.

Viewers are reaching out and sharing their stories:

"I was raised in a very religious Muslim family, and, at the age of 18, I joined the terrorist organization Hezbollah. But then I learned of a God who said, 'Love your enemy and bless those who curse you.' This was so strange to me, for all my life, I had only heard of a god who always curses people." – BASHIR, LEBANON

Islam Exposed

It's hard to imagine how something as evil as ISIS could possibly be used for good. But God is triumphing over evil—using the persecutors of the church to open a door for the Gospel. Leading The Way is seeing this daily as viewers of our 24/7 satellite TV channel, THE KINGDOM SAT, reach out to our teams with more and more questions about ISIS and the true beliefs of Islam.

"Since the ISIS invasions, I stopped believing in Muhammad and Islam. I wish I were a Christian, and I wish I could ask God to forgive my sin." – ABDOUL, LIBYA

"I am sick of Islam. I see much more love and humility in Christianity." – MAHMOUD, EGYPT

"What we have witnessed lately has changed history forever," says Maged Atalla, Leading The Way's Senior Director of Ministry Outreach. "The Lord has caused something good to come out of ISIS' reign of terror. Around the world, many Muslims have started questioning their beliefs. Many had never examined Islamic history, violent verses within the Qur'an, or the actions of Muhammad. But now, thanks to ISIS, they are being forced to reckon with these things."

"If we gathered every single Christian ministry and, as one, made a concerted effort for 20 or 30 years, we still couldn't have done a better job than ISIS has to expose the true nature of Islam." – FIELD TEAM

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An Opportune Time

As viewers engage with our broadcasts and field teams, the underground church is growing and multiplying. This year, our teams received 256,058 responses from viewers in the Muslim world.

Now is the time to make an impact on the Muslim world—for as terror increases, so does the opportunity. Disillusioned by Islam, many are finding our broadcasts and are reaching out to us to learn more about Christ.

"While searching for the Truth and comparing the Qur'an and the Bible, I found myself becoming strongly attracted to the God of the Bible. However, knowing about Christ has created a conflict inside me. I am faced with a hard decision. I must choose between what I grew up believing in or be true to myself and believe what I have discovered in the Word of God. I need to know more about Christ, which is why I have contacted you—I need your help." – HORUS, EGYPT

"My father is the Imam of a local mosque. But I have discovered Christ through your channel, which I watch daily. I have become convinced that this is the right way." – ZUTHIMALIN, ALGERIA

This testimony comes from Aceh, a region in Indonesia—the world's largest Muslim country—currently enforcing Sharia law:

"My friends and I are all students at an Islamic boarding school, but we have believed in Jesus Christ as our living God. We have been watching The Jesus Film on your channel. Please pray, there are 82 of us in all."

Revival is happening. God is glorifying His name not only in the Middle East, but all over the world.

Uniquely Positioned

A new dawn is breaking.

As many seek Truth in closed countries, they are finding the uncompromised teachings of Dr. Michael Youssef and partner teachers on THE KINGDOM SAT. And when they respond, our on-the-ground field teams are there to answer their questions, share the Gospel, engage in Bible studies, baptize new believers, connect them to local churches, and even help them as they suffer persecution.

One field team member shares, "By serving on the ground in the Middle East, our field teams are meeting the needs of our viewers and being their 'Dr. Youssefs' on the ground. Leading The Way is the only Christian media ministry doing this kind of work in this region."

By God's grace and through your partnership, Leading The Way is uniquely equipped to reach Muslims for Christ at such a time as this.

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