Global Work
Where Radio Signals Cannot Reach
Oct 15, 2017
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Together, we're proclaiming the Gospel on the frontlines of global missions.

When a global radio executive first approached Dr. Youssef about the idea of translating his programs and broadcasting them into the Arabic-speaking world, his first response was, "No way."

"I felt like this new idea was somebody else's vision and not from God," Dr. Youssef says. "For several years, I avoided the vision of a radio ministry until God finally broke through. What God understood, but I couldn't see at the time, was that He would use the radio program to fulfill His global evangelical vision for our ministry."

There is no greater gift than hearing the Gospel in your heart language.

In 1996, Leading The Way launched its first Arabic-English dual-language programs with a sentence in English followed by the Arabic translation—designed as an outreach to English-learners in the Muslim world.

This year, you helped us distribute Navigators to 21 countries in 41 languages.

Twenty years later, these programs—now available in 26 languages—continue to bear fruit. This year, we've heard from listeners from every background—from new believers seeking Truth to persecuted Christians finding hope:

"My husband and I are the only Christians in our extended family. For years, they considered us enemies because of our faith. That was very difficult for us, especially in those first years of marriage. But through the teaching of Dr. Youssef, we have learned how to forgive and how to love unconditionally. Your programs have filled us with the strength needed to face another day and to find everlasting joy in our Heavenly Father." – NASIBE, KOSOVO

"Joseph comes from a strong Muslim family. He joyfully listens to our station and read the Bible for the first time a few days ago. The Word of God was so powerful to him that it led him to accept Jesus as Savior. We've recommended he listen to Leading The Way daily to learn more about God's grace, love, and guidance." RADIO PARTNER, TUNISIA

"Thank you for Pastor Michael Youssef, who taught about Jesus' sacrifice on the cross to forgive my sins. I want to follow Jesus. Please pray for me." – BONITA, INDONESIA

And these dual-language radio programs have been the gateway to something bigger yet: a far-reaching global outreach utilizing every means of technology to advance the Gospel.

Thanks to your partnership, the same teaching you hear every week is going out around the globe in 26 languages—reaching refugee camps, villages, and unreached people groups.

Partner with us today.

Reaching the Unreachable

There is no greater gift than hearing the Gospel in your heart language. And although access to God's Word is increasing, more than 2 billion people have still never heard the Gospel. Through the solar-powered Navigator audio-player, Leading The Way seeks to minimize the gap.

Solar-powered, durable, and easy to carry, the Navigator is taking those same dual-language messages to the far reaches of the world, reaching people with limited access to God's Word. In the last year alone, you've helped us distribute Navigators to 21 countries in 41 different languages, blanketing the globe with the Gospel.

This year we heard from missionaries on bicycles, families in villages, and other Navigator recipients who are "passing it on"—sharing the Navigator with dozens more in their communities.

Their stories are inspiring:

"My dad is not saved, but he loves listening to the Swahili Navigator. He is 80 years old and even brings it to the bar, where others listen to it. Maybe this device will make him turn to the Lord!" – ABDALLAH, TANZANIA

"I want to thank you for the Navigators. Our church planted a new church in a gypsy neighborhood. They are all Muslims by background but very open to hearing about Jesus. We had a few couples who accepted Jesus, but discipling them was a real challenge. They are illiterate, and there was no way to read the Bible on their own. This is a community very open to spiritists, so for us it was crucial to teach them the Word of God. The Navigators have helped us so much to strengthen the young believers and at the same time to bring new people to faith in Christ. We have distributed 50 Navigators to 50 different families. Thank you." – PASTOR HERVIN, ALBANIA

Thank you for helping us reach the unreached.

Refugees Receive God's Word

This year, Leading The Way increased Navigator distribution to Syrian and Iraqi refugees—reaching Muslims with the Gospel and encouraging Christians who have lost everything because of ISIS.

Rima is a Syrian refugee. Right after leading her to Christ, the Leading The Way field team gave her family a Navigator—a tool that will help them navigate God's Word and remember His promises.

Hanan's husband was killed by ISIS. Her family was one of many who received support through our Help The Persecuted ministry. When our team placed the Navigator in her hands, she kissed it and thanked God.

After Fadhil and his wife fled Iraq, a pastor gave them a Navigator. Fadhil is blind and uses the Navigator to memorize entire passages of Scripture. He is hungry for God's Word!

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