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Exercise: God Wants to Meet You in Your Brokenness
Sep 1, 2018
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Is there anything in your life today that has become a source of anxiety, discouragement, or deep pain? Are you struggling to trust that God will come through for you? Throughout Scripture, we see examples of ordinary people who bring their greatest longings and deepest heartaches before God.

What great blessing could come from your own prayer of surrender?


People like Jonah. Trapped in the belly of a whale after running away from God, Jonah cries out to the Lord—who later uses him to ignite a spiritual revival in Nineveh.

People like Hannah. Unable to conceive a child, Hannah's brokenness drives her to her knees in prayer—and out of her prayer of brokenness comes a son who will influence the course of history in a mighty way.

What great blessing could come from your own prayer of surrender? Spend some extended time alone with God, and bring your burdens before Him. Here's a great place to start:

  1. Thank Him for His love and faithfulness.
  2. Ask Him to overrule any sin, willfulness, or impatience from your past.
  3. Pray for Him to reach into the area of your life that has left you feeling weary, broken, or discouraged—and ask for His strength and redemption.
  4. Remember the Christian life is a battlefield. Those who succeed in the things of God are those who refuse to give up and persist in prayer.


You can choose how the pain and disappointment of your past will impact your future. Take refuge in your prayer closet today, and draw near to your Heavenly Father. He hears your prayers, and He delights in answering them!

How can we pray for you today?