Ask Dr. Youssef
Ask Dr. Youssef
Dec 31, 2018
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"I want to share Christ with others, but I'm afraid of being labeled intolerant. How do I share my faith?"

"You don't need to be a great theologian to share your faith."


Make no mistake: When we practice the pure Gospel that Jesus died to bring us, we are the most loving and tolerant people on the planet. It may not feel that way to a sinner who does not see their need for God—but that is why we must not give up praying for them and sharing the love of Christ with them. Just remember:

You don't need to be a great theologian to share your faith. As long as you are sharing the simple Truth of God's Word humbly and lovingly, God will bless it. People are longing for the Truth; they really are. So don't fall for the fallacy that you have to dilute the Gospel to win the lost to Christ.

There is a spiritual battle going on. If you experience rejection or opposition, don't be discouraged; Jesus was rejected too. Keep on praying for and loving that person.

Be encouraged: Somebody once had to overcome their fear to share the Gospel with you—and the very God who gave them the courage will give you the courage to share the Gospel with someone else.


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