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3 Tips for Reaching Muslims in Your Midst
Feb 2, 2019
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In today's society, you may be tempted to respond to encounters with Muslims with anxiety and uneasiness. But this reaction cannot stand among God's people, for "God gave us a spirit not of fear but of power and love and self-control" (2 Timothy 1:7, ESV). God wants us to practice faith in Him—the only thing that counts: "faith expressing itself through love" (Galatians 5:6). Although it can be uncomfortable to engage the woman in the park wearing a hijab or the bearded man in the mall wearing a tunic or prayer cap, God has put these people in our paths to show them His love. They are lost—enslaved to a false religion that only brings eternal death. It is time for us to love the Muslims in our midst.

It is time for us to love the Muslims in our midst.



By and large, the Muslims around us simply have been born into Islam. Many do not truly know their religion, and they don't ask questions because the Quran explicitly commands them not to (Quran 5:101). They don't see that they are on a sinking ship. We must give them opportunities to think, to see their need for the Savior, and to experience the goodness of God.


If we know how Muslims think, we can more effectively minister to them—planting seeds and expressing love through conversations full of grace and Truth. So take some time to learn what the core beliefs and practices of Islam are. If you'd like, our resource called Insights into Islam is a good place to start. Once Muslims realize you are informed, you will be able to have an even greater impact—especially when you say that your studies have only strengthened your faith in Jesus Christ.


When you see someone who is likely a Muslim, find a non-threatening way to engage them in conversation—maybe comment on the weather or the activity you are both engaged in. Then, don't be afraid to ask, "Where are you from?" Many foreigners are proud to tell you about their home country. You can continue the conversation with questions that show you are interested and want to learn from them: "Oh! I think that's a predominantly Muslim country. Do you practice Islam? Do you read the Quran? Do you pray? Do you go on the hajj?" And if God opens the door, share your testimony—how He has transformed your life and given you joy and peace.


When you engage Muslims, mention that you love having Muslim friends. Imagine the surprising welcome that will be in a nation where many people avoid them. Give them your contact information and invite them to talk more over coffee sometime. Through your actions and words, show Muslims that you are not afraid and that you love and accept them.

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