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A Movement of God Is Happening Among Muslims—and You're a Part of It
Feb 2, 2019
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In the Middle East and North Africa, more than nine out of ten people are Muslim.

It's an incredible number—and one that most experts assume will rise with increasing persecution and political instability. Yet, right now, more Muslims are leaving Islam and coming to Christ than ever before. In fact, more Muslims have put their faith in Jesus in the past 15 years than in the last 14 centuries.

Jesus is at work in the hearts of millions of Muslims around the world. All glory to God!

In the midst of this exciting movement of God, Leading The Way is ministering on the frontlines. Through the teaching programs of our 24/7 TV channel THE KINGDOM SAT, the Gospel is going forth in more than 12 nations ruled by Islam—and people are responding.

Our ministry to the Arabic speaking world is not limited only to the Middle East. Here in the United States, Arabic is now the fastest growing language—and our team is working diligently to reach Muslims here at home with the Gospel.

God is drawing the lost to faith in Christ. And as a praying and giving partner with us, you are a critical part of this movement.

Jesus is at work in the hearts of millions of Muslims around the world. All glory to God!

The eternal impact of your gifts is being heard worldwide:

"Thanks for answering my questions, for sending me the Bible, and connecting me to a church." – IRAQ

"I converted from my childhood Christianity to Islam five years ago. . . . My conversion to Islam was very emotional. Now I want to find the facts. Thank God, I am enlightened and searching today! I want to boldly follow the Truth." – UNITED STATES

"I am a convert [from Islam] and a disciple of God. I came to know Christ through your programs. Thank you for taking the time to respond to me and answer my many questions. This helped me to know the true God." – SUDAN

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