Son of God: A Former Muslim’s Story
Jul 2, 2019
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“I don’t understand—how can Jesus be the Son of God?”

*Ali had been on the phone for over an hour, asking every possible question he had about Jesus. He had doubts and questions that his Islamic religion could not answer. His wife had encouraged him to seek the Truth. And all this had led him to this very room, meeting with Majid*, a member of Leading The Way’s field team.

Leading The Way

It finally made sense. Ali was ready.

With great love and discernment, Majid answered his questions. Together, they dissected the claims of Islam and Christianity. And as Majid presented the Gospel to him, the Holy Spirit moved in power.
“I finally got it!” Ali said. “Nobody has ever explained it this clearly to me before. I now understand why the Christian faith stands alone as the only way to be with God after death.”

“Are you willing to receive Jesus in your life and enjoy your new status as a friend and son of God?” Majid asked.

It finally made sense. Ali was ready. “Yes!” he replied. Together they prayed, and Ali surrendered his life to the Lord.

“I feel like a new person,” Ali said—and indeed, he was. For in that moment he had passed from spiritual death to life in Christ. He had walked into that meeting lost and uncertain—and now he was walking out of that meeting a beloved son of the living God.

A few weeks later, Ali was baptized and publicly declared his belief in Jesus Christ before hundreds of people. And today, he continues to grow in Christ.

Ali’s story is one of many testimonies we have received of the saving work God is doing through your partnership—not just in the Middle East, but right here at home. Please join us in praying for many more, like Ali, who are yearning to know the love of Jesus—that God would open their spiritual eyes!

*Name has been changed for his protection.

Your partnership helps us follow up with Muslims like Ali who are desperate to know more about Christ.