A Message for Every Season: Steve and Emma (UK)
Aug 1, 2020
ad heaven awaits


After finding Leading The Way on the radio, Dr. Youssef became a pastor to them. Now, they are sharing his messages with their family members and experiencing peace in uncertain times.

"Listening prepared us for our day, grew us in our faith, and taught us so much."

Emma shares:

"We had just bought a new car and my daughter was playing with the radio station when she shouted, 'Mummy, there's a Christian radio station!' So I said, 'Oh, save that one.' From then on, as we drove to work, we would listen to Leading The Way with Dr. Michael Youssef through Premier Christian Radio. We were captivated because we knew that Dr. Youssef had the heart of God. You could just sense that he had intensely sought the Lord every time he preached.

"Thus, it became part of our daily routine to listen to Leading The Way's radio broadcast. Listening prepared us for our day, grew us in our faith, and taught us so much. Over time, Leading The Way became our church, and Dr. Youssef, our pastor. Today, if I need to point anybody to a Christian preacher, I always point them to Dr. Youssef because I know he speaks the Truth."

Steve shares: 

"The first time I ever listened to Dr. Youssef, it was as if he was speaking directly to me—no one else. Now, Dr. Youssef's messages are impacting my mum's life. She's coming to Christ slowly as she listens to him each day. My sister is now listening to him as well.

"When Emma and I were first coming to God, on the first leg of our spiritual journey, Dr. Youssef simplified everything for us. I would find myself reading passages of the Bible one day, and then the next Dr. Youssef would be preaching on that same passage. It was unbelievable.

"Throughout this lockdown due to COVID-19, things have been quite hectic. But all of Dr. Youssef's teachings have got us through. We have a business that cleans pubs and restaurants, and our work completely dried up when things shutdown. But the Lord has provided for us every step of the way. We have struggled, spent our savings, but we have not felt uncertain or negative because God has been constantly reassuring us."

Emma shares:

"I trust God fully and wholeheartedly with all things because He's able to bring good out of all situations—including this global crisis. It has been hard sometimes to not be in control, but then I go before the Lord and say, 'Forgive me, Lord. I need You to be in control.' He is so faithful—as soon as I ask, He delivers.

"We're seeing family members coming to the Lord through listening to Dr. Youssef's sermons. It's so easy to focus on the negative, but we are told to keep our eyes on God and God alone. As we keep our eyes on the Lord, we are filled with peace and trust. And five days a week, we have a sermon to listen to from Dr. Youssef that reminds us of this Truth and so much more. The Lord has made it so easy for us to be fed spiritually through the technology that is available. I'm so grateful."

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