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Vision 2025 Update: Calling Hearts to Receive Christ: THE KINGDOM SAT
Sep 26, 2020
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It's been 11 years of broadcasting, but we're just getting started.  Because of your commitment to passionately proclaim uncompromising Truth with us, THE KINGDOM SAT—our 24/7 satellite TV channel—has only continued to produce the best Gospel content from both the East and the West, blanketing the Middle East and North Africa with the Good News. All of our programming serves one purpose: to glorify God by lifting up the name of Christ, reaching the lost, and discipling believers in the midst of a culture dominated by Islam.

THE KINGDOM SAT continues to produce the best Gospel content from both the East and the West, blanketing the Middle East and North Africa with the Good News.


Hear from the Christians
In this apologetics program, Christian leaders answer questions from Muslim viewers about Christianity. And because these Biblical scholars have a deep understanding of the Islamic worldview, they can uniquely respond to difficult theological questions so that they reveal the deeper heart issues behind the questions that Muslims pose. In a recent episode, scholars addressed the common Muslim misconception that the term 'Son of God' means that God physically knew Mary, who then gave birth to Jesus.

In a culture where women are often treated as second-class citizens, THE KINGDOM SAT's new program Beautiful shows women their true worth in the eyes of God. In each episode, testimonies of women from the region are featured to encourage other women as they walk with Christ in a culture frequently hostile to them.

It Is Written
Through a dynamic round-table discussion, this Biblical teaching program sheds light on the Protestant Reformation and its rich Christian heritage. By targeting new believers, this new program is discipling many who have little to no access to a local church.

Weekly LIVE Broadcasts from The Church of The Apostles
A few years ago, LIVE broadcasts were only a remote possibility. Now, our team broadcasts LIVE from The Church of The Apostles every single week. LIVE broadcasts serve to show a skeptical audience real-life Christianity. As viewers watch Dr. Michael Youssef in real time, trust in Christianity grows as they witness the Christian faith authentically lived out before their eyes.

One of our goals of Vision 2025 is to double the audience of THE KINGDOM SAT. God is working through these new programs to double our audience and bring many souls home to Christ.

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