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The Harvest Is Plentiful: Your Impact in the UK, Australia, and Beyond
Feb 1, 2023
ad heaven awaits


Electric. Joyful. Full of hope. These are just a few words to describe the atmosphere at Leading The Way's LIVE events in the UK and Australia. Here's a small snapshot of all that God accomplished as a direct result of your prayers and support.

This is a small snapshot of all that God accomplished as a direct result of your prayers and support.


As Leading The Way celebrated 20 years of ministry in the UK at the Methodist Central Hall in London, the response was overwhelming. "Your event brought me closer to God. I recommitted my life to Christ," beamed Jane. "The friend I brought with me was encouraged. She is young in the faith," shared Ruth. "I am the only believer in my family. It was spiritually uplifting to be with other believers," testified Pat.

During the event, Dr. Youssef encouraged all in attendance with a powerful message from God's Word, proclaiming, "The strongest building built by man can be taken down by a siege or destroyed by a powerful hurricane. But the name of the Lord is a strong and indestructible tower. The righteous run into it and are safe."

As he neared the end of his message, Dr. Youssef sensed the Lord prompting him to give an invitation to salvation—and more than 30 souls responded.


The momentum only continued to build as Dr. Youssef and his team traveled to Australia. As thousands gathered in the heart of Sydney for this evangelistic outreach, we saw God do more than we could have asked for or imagined.

Believers shared, "It was so wonderful to worship together." Others received afresh the Gospel message, like Sonia, who said, "I recommitted my life to Christ and a family member gave their life to the Lord. I had become addicted to alcohol as a means of dealing with grief and loss. I have decided only Christ can help me deal with this now." And we rejoiced as hundreds flooded the altar to publicly declare their faith in Jesus. One attendee exclaimed, "What a night! My 12-year-old son gave his life to Christ."

Lives changed. Broken people restored. Eyes full of tears and souls filled with joy. One attendee observed, "I was excited to see the diversity of the audience. Dr. Youssef is able to bring the Gospel to many different cultures and peoples." When all was said and done, more than 350 souls had been added to the Kingdom of God. This is what God accomplishes through your partnership.

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