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Navigators: Going Where Missionaries Cannot Go
Apr 2, 2023
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How can you share the Gospel in the midst of war, sophisticated firewalls, and government suppression of the internet—getting the Gospel deep into the heart of closed countries? And how can you ensure that those who come to faith are continuously discipled by Biblical Truth, even if they lack access to modern technology?

Until Christ returns, we will not give up nor back down in our mission to get Navigators into the hands of the lost and searching.


Enter the Navigator: Leading The Way's pocket missionary. As our ministry together has grown, so has our arsenal of these small but effective solar-powered devices. Now we're launching two new Navigators, more durable and with three times the content. Packed with the New Testament and over 150 of Dr. Youssef's sermons, these dual-language devices—available in nearly 30 global languages—are a powerful tool for reaching the nations for Christ. These new devices also include improved features, such as a more powerful speaker that enables the Navigator to reach larger groups of people at a time.

Since the launch of Vision 2025, Navigators have been distributed in a total of 40 countries and 26 U.S. states. God has been at work through your partnership in places like Saudi Arabia, where our Field Team leader recently distributed Navigators to the underground church. And for the first time ever, a Farsi-speaking member of our team was able to transport Navigators into Iran, where they ministered to the spiritually thirsty.

In Bangladesh, also for the first time, our trusted partner—a former Muslim—helped distribute Navigators to pastors living in remote regions. She shared, "There are many pastors that are ready and willing to carry these devices into the villages of Bangladesh."

In Pakistan, we are hearing from those who are hearing the Gospel for the first time: "I had never heard the Truth of Jesus Christ. . . . until I heard the Navigator playing in my neighbor's house. Since that day I learned about the Lord Jesus Christ, my life has been changed."

The stories of God at work are truly endless. In Ethiopia, God swung wide the door for ministry as a recent shipment of Navigators made it safely into the country. At the same time, in nearby Nigeria, partners on the ground shared, "More than 40 Muslim families have been impacted through Dr. Youssef's messages on the Navigator. We believe there are 120 more Muslim families who could come to Christ if they could only have your Navigator in their hands." Other recent nations reached include Tanzania, Cote d'Ivoire, Benin, Pakistan, United Arab Emirates, Indonesia, and Sierra Leone.

Please take a moment and pray that the Lord would continue to open doors for the Gospel in His perfect timing. Until Christ returns, we will not give up nor back down in our mission to get these devices into the hands of the lost and searching.

Get the Gospel to the lost.